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Red Striped Polo Neck T-Shirt


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Olive Green Slim Fit Polo T-Shirt


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Blue Striped Slim Fit Polo T-Shirt


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Blue Self Design Slim Fit Polo T-Shirt


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Blue Striped Polo Neck T-Shirt


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White Striped Polo Neck T-Shirt


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Buy Premium Men’s T-shirts Online at SELECTED HOMME

T-shirts are an essential part of any man's wardrobe. You can never go wrong with stylish T-shirts for men, whether it's for a casual brunch, a coffee date, or a road trip. SELECTED HOMME brings together a variety of Men's T-shirts Online to suit your clothing needs, no matter what your personality is. T-shirts can be sophisticated, smart, yet relaxed and laid back and can be styled in a variety of ways. In fact, there are so many different types of T-shirts for men that it can be difficult to choose just one style, we get it. T-shirts for men are so versatile, they can be paired with a variety of bottoms - be it jeans, trousers, track pants, or lounge shorts - you pick.

Some must-have T-shirt styles that every man should have in his wardrobe include sophisticated polos, laidback Henley neck t-shirts, casual crew-neck tees, and V-neck t-shirts.

Buy Men’s Polo T-Shirts

Classic Polo- A Gentleman’s T-Shirt

A collection of polo T-shirts will never do you wrong. On hot days, wearing a lightweight Polo T-shirt paired with a pair of classic chino shorts ensures a standout, easy-breezy combination. Polo T-shirts go a long way in your wardrobe and are breathable, versatile, and provide year-round comfort. Next time you’re heading out for a game of golf or a brunch date, spruce up a sophisticated look with SELECTED HOMME’s Men’s Polo T-shirts.

Buy Men’s Crew Neck T-Shirts

The rounded, circular neckline of a T-shirt defines a Crew Neck T-shirt. Easy crew-neck T-shirts are undeniably the most popular T-shirt style, for their unmatched versatility and impeccable comfort. SELECTED HOMME prides itself in curating some of the comfiest crew-neck T-shirts rendered in responsibly sourced fabric such as organic cotton, sophisticated hues, and standout designs. We boast a collection of graphic crew-neck T-shirts, logo-printed crew-neck T-shirts, plain colored crew-neck t-shirts, and more. Pair your favorite SELECTED HOMME crew neck T-shirt with a pair of denim jeans and sneakers.

Buy Henley T-Shirts for Men

This style of the T-shirt was the typical uniform of rowers in the English town of Henley-on-Thames; it was hence given the term Henley neck T-shirts. Henley's neck is a distinct style that features a round neckline and a placket about 3 to 5 inches (8 to 13 cm) long and usually has 2–5 buttons. Henley neck T-shirts are getting increasingly popular because they are not as formal as collared T-shirts, but they are more formal than crew neck T-shirts. SELECTED HOMME features a vast collection of classic Henley's in signature hues, prints and is rendered in premium quality fabrics.

Buy V neck T-shirts for Men

V-neck T-shirts are a staple form of clothing for casual excursions with friends, or a weekend coffee/grocery run. Having a collection of comfy V-neck T-shirts in your closet can come to the rescue when you want to switch up your T-shirt style. They're comfy and simple to wear, require minimal styling, and will always stay on-trend.

Choose the right T-shirts for Men

A perfect fit will mean different things to different people, but you will ideally want a T-shirt size that flatters your body shape. If a tee is excessively loose, it tends to hang awkwardly. If it's too fitted, it will make you uncomfortable and won’t be movement-friendly. Ideally, the hem of the tee should not ride up when you lift your arms. Slim-fit T-shirts are ideal for people looking for a more athletic or body-hugging fit. With well-fitted shoulders and sleeves that offer a suitable amount of space around the arms, the classic design is elegant and flattering. In recent years, the oversized t-shirt has also grown in popularity. If you lean towards a relaxed, casual fit, a regular fit t-shirt will be just right. Find your perfect size with the help of our comprehensive size guide here.


What are some of the trending T-shirt styles for men?

Crew neck T-shirts, pocket detailing, classic prints such as stripes, and contrast tipping Polos are among the latest men's T-shirt trends. Polo, Henley, and V-neck are versatile and ideal for all-season wear. SELECTED HOMME amalgamates the best T-shirt styles and gives them a premium spin.

How can you increase your T-shirt’s longevity?

Keeping your T-shirts looking fresh and new is a simple process. For starters, always choose high-quality T-shirts made with cotton, organic cotton, linen blends, and premium quality recycled polyester or viscose. Reduce the number of times you wash your T-shirts by committing to wearing them at least three times before washing. It’s always advisable to follow the wash instructions carefully.

What do you need to keep in mind while choosing a T-shirt?

● Know your measurements.
● Pay attention to the fit. Regular fit T-shirts offer a more relaxed, worn-in look whereas slim fit T-shirts offer a more fitted look.
● Check the seams, neckband, and length (hem).
● Ensure you’re choosing the fabric of the highest quality - organic cotton, cotton/linen blends, viscose, recycled polyester blends. At SELECTED HOMME, we leave no stone unturned to ensure uncompromised quality fabrics in our garments.

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