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Saif Ali Khan


He is the unprecedented SELECTED man. He embodies the SELECTED HOMME spirit of being classic and sophisticated, not only with his fashion sense but also with his immaculate personality.


The launch of Spring Summer collection with celebrity brand ambassador Saif Ali Khan offers an array of fresh looks that are perfect for every occasion. The range exhibits versatility and fine tailoring with a hint of spring.

Reworked classics and utility details define a collection designed for modern appeal. Catering to the need for change in our everyday lives, this collection brings innovation to our wardrobes. Laidback designs. Upgraded hybrids. Playful details and prints.



As we return to Dressing-up for work, a new approach to tailoring emerges. The look is formal with traditional details. The feeling, however, is refreshingly comfortable. Wider fits, super stretch fabrics and unconstructed designs influence modern tailoring. Accompanied by separates designed to easily dress a suit up or down for any occasion. The collection consists of a curated range of must have work staples that seamlessly transition from work to leisure. One can find everything from a crisp white shirt which is a mainstay in everybody’s wardrobe to well fitted trousers in different hues. Bespoke blazers and suits that are easy on the eyes impart a refined yet understated look.



The SPRING SUMMER collection this year is a boost of positivity. Uplifting colorways, technical features and light, on-the-go layers find their natural place in wardrobes to brighten it up in time for summer. We can now breeze through the heat with the SUMMER ESCAPE collection that includes easy to wear Polo T-Shirts and Tees across a palette of light happy hues. Pair it with chinos or shorts in blacks, blues and grays and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. This collection has you covered for the next brunch, summer date, lunch by the pool or to just kickback in the sun.



Lightweight, breathable and comfortable to wear. Linen is known to be the strongest natural fibre in the world. It’s hypoallergenic, absorbent and it dries fast which contributes to longevity. Creating a perfect balance of underrated yet suave, the linen collection by SELECTED HOMME moves away from its more classic version with outfits that embrace a contemporary do-over. The range offers a curated selection of linen shirts, trousers and shorts. Channel that ‘I’m on a holiday look with our linen styles.


At ease, understated and adaptable- Springtime tailoring comes with a laidback vibe courtesy of the playful pastel hues. Monochrome looks in bright electric yellow, vibrant blue and muted shades inform a focused collection designed for spring summer. Seemingly classic looks elevated to contemporary relevance by progressive details. Pastels are an easy and non -cumbersome way of doing so without being loud. Find your perfect premium fit with a curated collection of soft tonal suits available at SELECTED HOMME.